Saturday was too windy for flying - nearly too windy for standing up! But we had a new keen young member (Jack) sign up for training.

Sunday was much calmer - really smooth tows - but not a great deal of lift around. That didn't stop Ian T from taking JYC away for 2.5 hours, flying the ridge in half to one knot of ridge lift. Most on site had half an hour or more (Bruce, Chris, Colin, Roger). Good training day for Tad and young Stuart Bright, ably prompted by Trevor. And thanks to Dave for the tows.

Meanwhile Ian Bright took the Jabiru over to Dornoch, followed by Stuart N and Alexander in the floater.

Junior de-rigged for its annual, 664 packed away in its box for the trip south in a couple of weeks.

And an appealing sunset to round it all off.