We have had some soaring over the past month, but not a great deal out of the ordinary for this time of year.
No great wave days and a few, like today, where the air is dead and it's great for circuit training. Simon benefited from that today and made good progress on his winch launching with Mike Black in the back seat.
Bruce also polished off a good deal of dust - if not rust - with a couple of winch checks and then took 664 for his first winch launch in it - about time after it's been on site for 3 months!
Yesterday, on the other hand, was also a bit special. John C finished off his navex and field landings with Robert and - subject to the paperwork going through - now has his XC endorsement. The shackles are off!
Bruce turned the ugly duckling trailer for 664 into a presentable swan with the aid of Mike L's power washer. Surprisingly, the wheel arches turned out to be pale grey and not black!
Phil landed out in 753 after a couple of hours away but kept it convenient by doing so in the Rothes Glen.
Thanks to Roger and John T for a slick retrieve.