At last I've a bit of spare time to say something about our recent wave week.

I think it proved to be a success, even though we only had 2 or 3 good flying days, plus some flying on the weekends at either end.

The best day, by a long way, was the Wednesday, when almost everyone (i.e. everyone except me!) who launched managed to find wave climbs to 10,000' and more down the Spey valley in S or SE wave. Good long flights for 4 or 5 pilots.

There was wave around on some other days, but generally quite weak and ill-defined, so the climbs were not so dramatic.

It was great to see 'guests' Dave (and Jacquie) Webster over from Ulster and Will Amor, who took a week's leave to come up from his base at Leaming and filled his boots in R67.

We also fitted in a TM flight for (the Rev.) Tad Turski, who promptly took out membership and will be our latest student recruit.

Many thanks to Ian L, Angie, Robert and Stuart for tugging duties, even though Ian's day turned out to be a non-starter for flying.