A cracker of a day, right enough, but maybe not 1000k territory. Amazing wave cycling at various times of the day with big blue holes.
Watch out world - there's another Tait on the block! Ian is claiming Gold height, pulling off tow at 1500' and popping up like a cork in a bottle to 14,000' inside 45 minutes. Went for his 5 hours but cut short when a rattling sound materialised somewhere behind him. Shame, but smart choice, as it proved to be a bit of loose tape. Still, nearly 4 hours gave him his longest solo flight yet and a great omen for the next attempt. Youngest gold height in the UK at 15? Phil also logged a height claim in 753 and John T in P50. Other flights up to 9,000' or 10,000'.
Wicked turbulence and rotor at low levels made for some distinctly sporting tows, but the EuroFox coped admirably.
Even Stuart, last flight, took the motor glider to 6000' engine off and had a glide back to base from Mulben.
More like this please!!