Well attended AGM last night, with terrific food and chat afterwards. And the prizes go to [drum roll...]

  • Duration in a club glider: Charlotte Gordon, who had the 3 longest flights in the Junior and the longest in the K21, albeit with Martin Knight sitting in the back
  • Height (absolute altitude): Mike Foreman and Billy Fisher in R1, for over 19,600 at the start of last year, both frozen stiff!
  • Ladder: highest on the BGA ladder last year was Phil Penrose with over 11,000 points
  • CFI's Shield: Robert Tait, for all the effort and enthusiasm he put into acquiring the EuroFox for us
  • Meritorious flight: Bruce Gordon, for his flight to Feshie in the relatively low-handicap Pirat to retrieve the Bomb and gain Silver distance
  • Monkey: Geddes Chalmers, for an interesting out-landing!