On Friday, we entertained senior brass from RAF Lossiemouth, who all seemed to enjoy their visit. Thanks to all the Fulmar team (especially Tony) for organising and supporting this.

Saturday was one for those days when flying looks good, but few people around to make it happen. Simon got away solo in the Junior for a couple of flights.

On Sunday, he used this to brilliant effect. On his 4th flight in the Junior, he bagged his Silver height with a climb to 8,400'.

Sunday was a "day of days", with stonking wave going as high as you wanted to dare. Bruce bagged Gold height and would have had a 100 km triangle as well, but for a slight deficit of 100 m or so at Keith. Never mind - plenty more days to play with!

Andy and Phil were the ones who dared, with Andy popping up to 19,000' near Lochindorb and Phil taking 753 to 16,000' near Braemar and cementing his well-deserved place at the top of the BGA height ladders.

Young Christopher had 2 amazing wave flights with Robert and Angie, reaching 7,000' and 8,000', while his mum waited in trepidation on the ground.

Martin rounded off the day with a climb to 12,000 ft in the K21 and here's a photo of the spectacular cloudscape as the sun started to go down.

 Wave cloudscape on 6-10-13