Today was a complete wash-out, though not as windy as forecast. Yesterday was a patchy day; we had showers moving through for most of the day. Despite that, we ended up with a full log sheet of flights. Highlights were Billy F getting an hour and a half in JCE before heading back to hotter Angolan climes and John C finishing off all the flying for his Bronze. Bruce discovered that 664 doesn't go down like a stone Astir when it rains. Ian B took Mrs B off to Orkney for lunch in the Jabiru and Richard PARG arrived back from displaying his Pitts at the shinty cup final. Graham had his first shots at tugging single-seaters.
3 TM flights included a young brother and sister, both of whom came back with big smiles on their faces, slightly to their parents' despair!
K21, Duo, Junior, Oly, Astir, LS7 and Cirrus all had good soaring flights.
The motor-floater was reassmbled late in the afternoon with lots of help from anyone who could hold or wiggle a wing.
And Martin and John got the winch going again after its flat battery problems.
Thanks to Ian and Stuart for the tows.


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