We hosted around 20 members of the Moray Coast Motorcycle Club today, nearly all of whom flew - some more than once.

A very unpromising start, with the ridge shrouded in mist, but it started to clear up by noon and we punted them off on the winch, with mainly just 4 or 5 minute circuits. They were unfazed by this and just kept coming, so we ended up having the busiest day the club has seen for many months. 45 flights all told, with a few power flights making up the numbers. Richard Pargeter went and did his thing in Ladybank, Fife. Stuart got Tony flying the Eurofox and Robert got the Jabiru up in the air after its annual.

Huge thanks to Mike B and John T for doing the bulk of the flying, ably assisted by Trevor and Stuart towards the end of the day. Thanks also to John C for liaising with MCMC and setting up the day, Roger and Mark for winch driving.

Ian Tait also finished off the flights he had to do for his Bronze with Geddes and Phil got his reward for helping Bruce out in fetching the Cirrus up from Wales with a hangar flight in the "new" 664 as things were winding down.