The forecast was very unpromising, with a threat of rain. Met man John suggested at briefing that we should have briefed at 5 and launched at 6 in the morning to have any chance of a task. However there was a glimmer of hope, and things certainly looked better for today than they had last night. So tasks were set for the three classes, and the grid was launched. There were nothing like as many relights as yesterday, but conditions did gradually deteriorate and no-one actually completed their task, though there were some valiant efforts. One glider landed out at Aldunie in the Cabrach, and three at Aboyne. The rain set in in earnest as the last of these was being towed back behind the Eurofox, but both tug and glider landed safely. "At least the Astir is well washed", was overheard in the hangar. Traces were downloaded, and we await the final results with bated breath.