We had quite a good day yesterday, considering the wind was from the east, or just south of east, and that usually makes for turbulent fun on launches and circuits. Roger had a currency ride with Phil, who then took a couple of training flights (Francesca and Alexander) and a trial member in the afternoon. The day started with blue thermals and a pile of rotor and sink below some very high wave, and got better as the afternoon progressed.
Bruce, Angie, Trevor and Tony all had a bit of soaring, with Tony launching mid afternoon and finding enough to keep him airborne for over 2 hours. Mike B had a shot in 354 as well.
Today we could barely see the other side of the airfield for low cloud, and it was tipping rain in the morning as well, so no flying. Carl supervised the shims going on to R1's wing to take up a bit of excess play.
And thanks also to Martin for clearing the jungle on the entrance track yesterday - a great improvement!

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