Congratulations to Patrick - Sunday started as a damp, low cloud and blustery NW wind day with Patrick booked for the morning slot and Alexander taking the afternoon.  Flying commenced shortly after lunch, with Carl instructing the first two flights with Patrick and one with Alexander before handing over to me in order to catch up with his family on a very unpromising day,  with Angie driving the Fox, I took Alexander for a further three flights supported by Patrick, Billy and Iain on the ground and was pleased how well he coped with the lumpy air, but throughout the day conditions improved and Patrick took over the seat in the K21 for three further long flights boxing the tow, out of position, unusual attitudes, high speed stalling and the initiating and recovery from spiral dives were all demonstrated by Patrick to a high standard.  We completed the training areas required prior to solo with never any discussion or thoughts as to going solo; however, after we had changed ends with virtually zero wind and a brief discussion with Angie, I asked Patrick if he’d like to fly with 95Kg less on board?  A surprised Mum and Dad were located and appeared within half an hour and after settling himself in and a last brief from me, it was fitting that his see off crew was the three other under 16 solo students from the club.   After a neat take off he soared in reduced sink for 21 minutes overhead in what were perfect first solo conditions and having gently descended, a perfect circuit was carried out before executing a greased landing.


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