Disappointing, frustrating, annoying? Depends on your gliding outlook, I guess. Yesterday looked good enough for lots of gliders to be set up at the west end for a thermal and maybe wave flight, only for the tug to develop an electrical issue that put a stop to things for the day. No winch due to a strong SE cross wind, which always makes cable breaks a hazard for cars, caravans and trailers.

Today was a mixed bag. The winch was set up early doors with a wind backing from W to SW and a bubbling sky from early on, Unfortunately there were also LOTS of showers going through (rain and hail), with gaps just long enough to dry off the K21, plop in a couple of bodies and fire them up the winch. So we had 8 launches, 3 with Patrick ticking some more boxes towards his solo, 1 a winch check for Bruce and a couple with new member Bill, then a couple for Colin T. at the end of the day. Every time we thought of getting a single-seater ready, the heavens opened up again. And of course at other times it looked like a booming sky. Ah well, there's always another weekend! And with luck and a bit of wizardry, we should have the tug back on-line next weekend.

Photo of the EAS tug standing committee, scratching collective heads about the fault.

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