ICL round 1 this weekend at Easterton. Visitors from Portmoak (3 teams!), Deeside, Feshie and Dumfries, with Iain making the weary 5 hour trip to fly his Lak.
Yesterday was finally scrubbed, with low cloudbase and showers going through, though some took to the skies anyway and there were a couple of competitors' landouts. Also an outlanding by our K21 in Rothes Glen with a fairly quick retrieve using the twin trailer. And the day was rounded off by Roy G finding some evening wave over the Moray Firth.
Today was more of a proper competition day, with AA tasks heading south (Loch Kinord for Novice class, Loch Muick for Intermediates and Pundits). But it proved a tricky day, with few finishing the tasks and another couple of outlandings (by the same people as yesterday

We also had the BBC Alba film team back this weekend and they fairly lapped up the sight of 20+ gliders on the field. Lots of filming done for a series on Scottish aviation, due to start broadcasting in June - keep an eye out for it.

Today, John Williams got to just north of Dundee and Nick Norman just north of Perth. Geddes, flying for Easterton, also flew well down into the sector.

Team results were Portmoak A team 1st, Feshie team 2nd and Easterton 3rd. All to play for at the next round in a couple of months' time at Portmoak. And there was a special comp director's award for AJ's hat!

Special thanks go to the catering team, led by Trish (Mrs. CFI) and Florence (Mrs. Team Captain) for fabulous food and refreshments over the weekend. Thanks also to our tuggies, Roy, Angie and Dave, for keeping us safe and (sometimes) dropping us off into llft!


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